Summer… shawl, socks and baby dresses.

Summer is here! Our days here in Florida have been hot and humid. For example, our weather today is 90 F with 68% humidity (or 32 C) – yep, just a little oppressive when you walk out the door. I wouldn’t change a thing! Yes, we miss family and friends greatly, but we do not miss the Milwaukee cold weather.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of knitting, crocheting and weaving done – I ended up getting sucked into a couple of BBC shows on Netflix while Mr. KK has been plying The District (Broadchurch, Hinterland, and now Wallander). It has been awesome! I have a few WIP’s I want to finish up, and then get to some spinning. I have finished the Reyna shawl – it is blocked and is absolutely stunning, I can’t get pictures to do it justice.


My June sock is moving along, I’m finishing up the first one – I distracted myself with a bit of weaving and with the other things you will see below, you’ll understand in a minute. I decided to add a simple cable down the outside of each leg, just an easy peasy C2B on this first sock. I’ve not decided if I want to do a C2B on the 2nd or do a C2F. I’ll see what the left sock tells me when I get to it.


Here is what my cardboard loom experiment from the last post gave me. My Aunt Mary has claimed it for a bag. I’ve decided to line it, so I just have some sides and the strap to make for it. I do have the liner already, I just have to get it all together. I really do like it. It is a mix of some cotton blend yarn, and some hand spun that I Navajo plied last year.


I enjoyed weaving it so much, I decided to try another one, but this time on a frame loom. Yep, an actual picture frame. This time I’m using a hand-painted yarn that I did last year, what I have on the loom so far (not the white) is hand twined, and the rest of the body will be woven. It is the same process that I used when I did my twined rag rug on my big frame loom. I intentionally started this project with making a bag for myself in mind. We shall see how it goes!

20160614_161708 20160614_161730

Here is what I spent quite a bit of the weekend on. Baby dresses. I love them so far! I’ve crocheted all of the yokes, all of the “skirts” are going to be out of the material I have them matched with. Once I started crocheting the yokes, I just couldn’t stop. Let me know what you think, are they as cute to you? Next post I should have them completed and pictures to share. I made these first 3 all the same size, all to fit a 17″-18″ chest.


I also have another shawl going. Campside By Alicia Plummer. So far it is a fun and easy knit, and is working up pretty quickly. It will be great for when we go to Wisconsin in August, we can’t wait for the annual family gathering and fishing trip!


Are you interested or new to the fiber arts? Have questions on anything that I have written about? Let me know in the comments below, or email me at I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, do what makes you happy!